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We joined a gym

Fit I am not.  We joined a gym – the whole lot of us!   Jim, Brighid, me, and my stepmom Ann all joined Royal Fitness last night.  Ann had off from work today, so Brighid and I met her there to do a little exercising.  We all have meetings with the fitness trainers set up so we can get a workout routine going, but today we were just winging it.

They have one room there that is set up like Curves – you go in and work out on resistance equipment, and you are supposed to do each machine 3 times for a total of 30 minutes for the workout.  We spent about a half hour in there, but it was mostly to figure out how to work the machines and what to do with them.  Brighid was becoming very impatient, wanting to go upstairs to where the “real” machines were.  Not knowing anything about the weight machines, we stuck with the treadmills and the stationary bikes.  Since I had done 10 minutes on the bike downstairs, I just did 15 on the treadmill before calling it a day.

Brighid was the only one of us that wore her bathing suit, so when I was done on the treadmill, we went down to the pool.  It was ROASTING in there – good for the little kids having their swimming lessons, but really darn hot.  I sat in a chair on the side of the pool, and Brighid did a few laps in the lap lanes.  I certainly didn’t need a sauna after that – I was drenched in sweat.  Just as Brighid was putting on her shoes after changing, Ann came down to the pool to meet us to let us know she was finished for the day, so we all walked out together.

Jim and Brighid go tomorrow for their first session with the trainer.  After that, they will meet the trainer one more time, and they will get their routine.  I hope Jim goes – he’s all for pushing the rest of us out the door, but I think he’ll have a hard time finding motivation himself.  I’m hoping since they have the nursery there for Eilis and Grace, he’ll come with me sometimes and we’ll figure out a schedule where we all can be there, working out, and the kids are supervised.

So I also didn’t eat anything for quite a while before I went to the gym.  I’ll never do that again.  I’m not looking to have a surf and turf dinner before I go next time, but at least a little something.  I was so shaky when I came out, it was all I could do to get home and grab something to eat.  A peanut butter and bagel sandwich later, I felt better.  Gotta love those carbs.