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Medical Clearance?

Today was the day I met with my primary care doctor, Dr. Heck, to see if I would be medically cleared for surgery. He said, essentially, that he would give me the clearance, but on the tests that were done, it showed my blood sugars as elevated. He is having me repeat the test, along with the hgA1c, to get a feeling for how much he should be worried about it. Then he is faced with the dilemma of either putting me back on the Glucophage to lower the sugars, or wait until after the surgery and see if the weight loss has the effect he expects it to, and my sugars will be lowered with the weight loss. I see him again next Tuesday, just 3 days prior to the clearance having to be in Dr. Nusbaum’s hands, so hopefully, there won’t be a roadblock when the new blood work comes back.

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I had my first meeting with a trainer this morning at the gym, and they are going to work out a program for me using the resistance machines – Kaiser machines, they called them. I like that room, because it’s quiet and some what isolated. Not many people use it, and because it provides a whole work out in 30 minutes, when someone uses it, they aren’t there too long. I’m also going to continue to use the treadmill – which they were way too easy with today. As I recover from surgery, I’ll be more able to do some of the other machines.

Brighid went to the Aqua class tonight and had a good time. She was the youngest and thinnest one in the group, but it was good for her hip to do that kind of exercise as opposed to the regular workout. There’s another one tomorrow night, so I might go with her.