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Post Surgery Partying!

I’m doing my best to take it fairly easy, while still walking around a little each day.  I’ve stuck mostly close to home, but we were invited to a pool party today at the home of Barry Wassinger and his partner, Joe.  Barry is from the support group I joined, and has been very successful since his weight loss surgery.  They have an absolutely  BEAUTIFUL home, and if you can get past how beautiful their home is, you will be completely bowled over by how MAGNIFICENT their backyard and gardens are.  I was so envious of everyone who got to enjoy the gorgeous pool and wonderful food, but it was such a nice party, even without the fringe benefits of food and swimming.  Barry and Joe went out of their way to make everyone feel at home and welcome.  Jim got to enjoy some snacks and some nice conversation before the heat got the best of me and I had to go.

When we got home, I had promised Brighid a trip to the mall.  She had a coupon that expired today, so we went to use it.