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A Steady Decline

As of this morning, I am down 21.5 pounds.  I am sure when I see the doctor this evening, however, I’ll get a more “official” weight.  I am going by what I weighed the morning I left for surgery on our bathroom scale.  I may need a new one soon, because ours changes how much you weigh based on where on the floor you put it (always withing a few pounds).

I wanted to mention that Jim’s friend, Calvin, is battling cancer.  Jim and Calvin worked together back in the early 90’s, just before Brighid was born, and they’ve stayed in touch all these years.  He’s 49 years old, and has a lovely family.  I know they would really appreciate any prayers or positive thoughts you could send their way.  Calvin is keeping an online journal of his battle, which is not only a great way to keep up with how Calvin is doing, but also a great insight into what people are going through who are battling the same thing.  If you are interested in visiting, you can see it here: