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One Month Post-Op

I saw Dr. Nusbaum today for my one month post-op check up.  It was a fairly uncomplicated trip up there – since my last two were horrible.  The first trip I made up there, I got hopelessly lost and ended up 2 hours late.  Last time, we got stuck in traffic, and it took us nearly 3 hours.  I packed a cooler with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks for the kids so I didn’t have to stop at fast food restaurants to feed them, and that worked out well.

I am down 39 pounds after a month, and everything is healing well.  I have one small incision that is still open, but with a little peroxide, just from today it looks better already.  I am cleared to go back to normal activities, including the gym, and it’s nice to know I can pick Grace up without hurting anything. 

This past week started full foods.  I am allowed to try one food at a time to see if I can tolerate it.  So far, I cannot tolerate ground beef.  I’ve been careful with everything else, relying on seafood mostly.  Fish and crabmeat goes down pretty well 🙂   My friend Sue introduced me to a way to fix the protein drinks the way she does, and they tasted really good, so hopefully, that will work for now in terms of getting enough protein in. 

This is certainly not the easy way out.  I have tremendous cravings, but not the stomach to eat the things I crave.  It’s a lesson in frustration.  And I think I have to train people around me.  We had breakfast with Jim’s mom and Russell yesterday, and I ordered one scrambled egg white.  Well, I got a plate of home fried potatoes and what looked like 4 scrambled egg whites.  I guess I won’t be eating at the diner for a while.

Chrissie from our bariatric support group sent me a list of things to eat today, so hopefully, I can start branching out.  It’s a scary thing to go back into the world of food – not really sure how much I can eat before I get sick or what things will make me sick when I eat them.  But I guess I’ll just take some baby steps and see what happens.