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Rediscovering an Old Friend, Part Two

As everyone knows, I am on a weight loss mission.  I am down nearly 70 pounds at nearly 3 months post – op.  We had a yard sale yesterday, and I got rid of just about everything in my closet that doesn’t fit anymore, and I am now nearly clothes-less.  One of the big problems is underwear!   I thought I had underwear in every shape and size, but in rooting through my drawers the other day, all I found was underwear that falls down as I go about my day.  What a good feeling.

Not having bought underwear in a really long time because of how much I have had in my drawer, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to buy.  I certainly didn’t want granny panties, since that really was something I didn’t get into until well after I had Brighid, when I started getting really fat.  But I wanted something comfortable. 

Brighid buys most of her underwear at Victoria’s Secret – because she’s so tiny, she’s entitled to nice underwear, of course.  But the other day, when I took her in to redeem a coupon she had gotten, she picked up a few pair of her favorite panties – the ones she finds most comfortable.  And guess what I learned?   They come in MY SIZE!!

I bought 3 pair – just to try them out.  The last time I wore Victoria’s Secret underwear was on my honeymoon.  They do fit!   And they are comfortable!!

I thought it was a big accomplishment when I could tie my shoes so the bows were on top instead of on the sides.  But this is even bigger than that 🙂   So nice to find old friends!