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Rediscovering An Old Friend

The other day, Jim said he thought Eilis needed a computer game called “Dance, Dance Revolution”.  He thought it only worked on XBOX 360.  We have the original XBOX. 

When I assured him the game was compatible with our system, he said he wasn’t even sure our system worked anymore, since no one has played in a really long time.  He’s right.  The last time we spent any amount of time on the XBOX was when Bean was alive.  She could sit for hours and play any game – although she liked some better than others.  One year for Christmas, Brighid got a Harry Potter game.  Between me, Bean, and Brighid, we must have spent every waking hour between Christmas and New Year’s playing the game.  We finally beat it though – all of us, collaborating together. 

So, since Jim decided to check the thing out to see if it worked, Eilis has found it so appealing.  She never really got into it much, as there weren’t many games for little kids.  But we do have the Shrek Party game, and she spent last night playing with Brighid, and tonight playing with her friend Carrie and Brighid.  It’s cute to see how into it she gets – although I know it will be much better for her to have a game where she can get up and move around – like the Dance game, or the new ION system we just bought.

It was nice watching the kids play, and thinking of how much Bean loved to play with them.  Always good when happy memories flood your mind.