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Disney Trip Report Day 3 November 27th

We are definitely sleeping in today!!   Well, everyone else is.  I’m not a sleeping in type person.  I think my father has instilled in me the belief that if you wanted to sleep, you could stay home.  Vacations are for getting up, doing stuff, seeing things. 

Jim and I get up about 8 and run to WalMart for some groceries.  We lay in enough stuff to get us through the week for breakfast and some stuff for lunch.  We have a lot of snacks that were brought with us, so we’re good there, and we plan to be out for most of the other meals.  Everyone gets up, has breakfast, we lounge around a bit, as it’s a little rainy this morning.  We have tickets tonight for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, and we want to head into the park about 4 o’clock so we get the most amount of time that we can.  Plus, we have dinner reservations for Tony’s Town Square at 6, and we want to make sure we’re there for that.

We decide to take the kids down to the quiet pool – I’m very excited to be in my bathing suit and not mortified by my weight.  Unfortunately, my suit is too big 🙁   No worries.  It has a skirt and a tie at the neck, so we tie the neck as tightly as we can, and the skirt hides the fact that the bottom is too big 🙂   The water was so glorious!!   I could have spent the entire vacation just laying at the pool.  It was warm and welcoming from the first step, and because we chose the quiet pool, we were the only ones in the pool for a while, so that was nice.  After an hour or so in the pool, we headed over to the jacuzzi, which was so hot when we first stepped in, but then it just felt so great.  The jets were so relaxing and the water just felt so good.

We slowly all decided to head back to the room.  Jim and I got back first, and I did a quick shower and dress, and then put out lunch.  By that time, Ann and Eilis were coming in, so we ate a little in shifts, which worked out well.  We have time left after everyone is showered to relax a little before we head over to the Magic Kingdom for the party, and everyone benefits from the rest (I think I could have slept for hours!). 

Our arrival at the Magic Kingdom is just before 4 PM, so we wait in line outside for the gate to open to the MVMCP guests.  We are all braceleted, and we make our way down Main Street towards Buzz Lightyear.  We spend our free time before dinner between Buzz, Carousel of Progress, and the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.  Shortly after taking in these attractions, it starts to rain, but it’s time to head over to Tony’s for dinner, so we skip the fireworks and make our way to the restaurant.  It’s packed, but we’ve never eaten here before, so I enjoy wandering around and looking at things.  We are seated after about half an hour, and we find that our waiter is in training.  We’ll try to be super easy on him.

The meal at Tony’s was very good.  The only thing I am hating is the new kids menu.  It’s the same everywhere, so there are very limited options for the girls.  They are willing to work with you, to an extent.  If a meal shows yogurt with granola for dessert, you can get it plain.  You can swap out some things for other things.  But essentially, there is the same very limited menu everywhere we go.  I’m disappointed.

By the time we are finished at Tony’s, the rain has let up enough that it is not a bad walk at all around the park.  There are no lines and no waits for anything, and we really do enjoy just about everything.  Although the party goes until midnight, by about 11, everyone is pretty tired.  We are supposed to go to EPCOT tomorrow, and that’s going to be a long day as well, so we pack in it and head back to the hotel.

Back at Saratoga Springs, everyone gets a drink and snack, and we all head off to bed.  It’s been a great, very full day, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow!!