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Happy New Year!

A quiet end to the year 2006.  We are blessed to be together as a family as the new year begins.  It seems that through all things, we manage to stay together and get stronger.

We have three wonderful children, and Jim has a good job that keeps us well fed, well housed, and well clothed.  There are so many other people in this world who haven’t even those basic necessities.  That means we start the year out ahead of the game. 

I am healthier now than when 2006 started, and with Jim’s 40 pound loss, so is he.  One of our goals is to make sure the girls are eating healthy as well – something I haven’t always been strict enough with.

2006 saw some changes in our house – paint, floors, even curtains on the windows we put in last year.  The plan is to continue making changes and make the house something we can all be proud of.  Our daughters may get married from this house, and I want them to be proud to have lived here and strive to make their own houses feel as much a home as this one will.

Brighid, Eilis and Granuaile have all gotten another year more beautiful and smarter.  They are all wonderful daughters.  I know with things as busy as they always seem to be here that I don’t get to tell them often enough how proud we are of them and how awesome I think they are.  I hope in the new year I remember to do that more often.  Less bitching, more praising.

We are grateful to have come through the year healthy, without having faced any major medical problems.  Little bumps and bruises, sniffles and sneezes, but those are always okay.

Our wish for all of you is that the new year brings happiness to your home, love to your heart, and the ability to recognize and appreciate both.