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So Close, I Can Taste It (HA HA)

Okay, not literally taste it, because, frankly, most of what I taste is awful lately, and this is so darn good!

I reached my 5 month post-op mark on January 1st, 2007, and in 5 months, I have lost 109 pounds!   I am 21 pounds away from my original goal weight, and now I think I might possibly be able to get a little smaller than I thought would be possible. 

I am wearing a size 14 pair of jeans, and I own a pair of size 12 dress slacks, but I hesitate to buy more clothes because the joy of being a size 16 was so short lived, I barely got to wear those jeans before they became too big.  The 14s are comfortable, but I might be able to get into a size 12 stretch jeans if I tried.  Of course, being able to do that takes me out of my comfort zone a little bit – away from Lane Bryant and Roamans and into the stores where regular people shop.  I tried that once at Macy’s, and was so overwhelmed by the options.  Seriously, if you’ve been fat and shopped at fat lady stores, you know that they sell one or two brands of jeans (they are starting to sell more in some stores), and they only come in a couple of styles.  Well, let that fat lady loose in Macy’s, where it seems like every celebrity has a jean named after her or a company that makes jeans to her liking – you could pass out from the head spinning thing you end up doing!

 I still have most of my old tops, although I vow to dress nicer when I am at a more stable weight.  Right now, I could pass for homeless, as most of my old tops were baggy to begin with, but at 100 plus pounds lighter, they are truly too big. 

Today, and for the past week and a half, I am battling a UTI, and I am hoping that my inability to fight it off has nothing to do with surgery.  This is my second round of antibiotics, and fingers are crossed that it kicks in and gets rid of the infection.

That’s the latest from “Loser-ville”.