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The Picture You won’t See When People Lose Weight

I know you’ve seen them – all the commercials where the people who have lost weight stand behind their fat pants or in one leg of their fat pants to let you see how much weight they’ve lost.  Well, here’s the real skinny, people.  I’m sharing with you the picture you never see – the one that really ought to be shown, because it’s what will sell diet programs.

 This is a before and after of my underwear.  Down 113 pounds now, I could not believe there would be such a HUGE difference in underpants!   My oldest daughter fondly refers to the white granny panties as my “sheet panties” – as in queen sized bed sheet sized underpants.  Can’t do that anymore.  My new panties might fit a doll bed, but I’m so thrilled that this is the size that now covers my butt.

So, after much debate, I have decided to show you the honest truth of what happens when you lose weight.  Who cares that your old fat lady stretch pants now fit on one leg.  I’m showing the panty pictures!