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Headed to Our Home Away from Home

without Brighid 🙁   I knew the day would come when school would be too difficult to leave for more than a quick sick day, but I’m so sad.  I have to get my butt in gear and get another trip planned for when she can be with us, because I hate that she is getting left behind.

She made the decision to stay on her own, and I am really proud of her for doing that.  She obviously has more common sense than I do.  But I know she’d like to go.  We will have to make a special effort to do something special for her while we are there – bring her a nice souvenir or take her somewhere when we get back.  I am thinking maybe on their next long weekend, we’ll see if we can get a room at Hilton Head and head on down so she gets a little winter break.

So, we’re off.  We leave in a few hours, after Eilis’ drama production.  This is Eilis’ “birthday” trip – the one where we let her know how special she is, since she felt like Brighid got too much attention in August for her birthday.  We’re taking Eilis to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, where she’ll be pampered and Princess-ed.  I hope she loves it.