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Paging Doctor Brighid…

So, Brighid isn’t sure what she wants to be when she grows up.  She keeps leaning towards a career in medicine, although I don’t know how that will play out in the long run.  During her time wavering over what she wants to be, she visited her guidance counselor, who told her of a mini-medical school program for high school students.  She told Brighid she could apply, but mentioned that the priority was given to seniors first, then juniors, and finally sophomores – which is what Brighid is. 

To further complicate things, we thought we had until after the holidays to get her application in.  We found out two days before it was due that it was due!   She contacted her teacher, who put together a glowing recommendation for her, but got it to us the day the paperwork was due in the hands of the medical school.  We were going to just ditch the whole idea, with the expectation that she wouldn’t be getting in based solely on her age, but we phoned the med school to see if they would accept a faxed version of the paperwork.  The lady encouraged us to just mail the paperwork in, so we did – Express mail. 

Just a few days ago, Brighid said she must not have gotten in, because the original time frame said you would be notified before the end of January if you were accepted, but due to the number of applicants, you would not get a notification if you were not accepted.  I told her it was only mid-January, so there was still time to get something.

So, a letter came in the mail the other day.  It was addressed to Brighid, so I tossed it on the seat of the car next to me on my way to pick her up.  It had no return address on the envelope, and as I was stopped at a light, the sun came in the window just brightly enough so I could see letterhead inside that said the name of the medical school.

Well, this is exam week.  And I was so nervous that they had indeed sent a letter of rejection.  Not wanting her to be devastate at not getting in until AFTER exams, I thought about hiding the letter.  Then I thought what if she GOT in and I hid it and I forgot to give it to her until after the program started?   Panic set in, and by the time I got to school to pick her up, I made the decision to open it, just read the top paragraph, and based on that decide whether to give it to her or not.  Guess what?   I gave it to her!   She’s in!   She is going to the mini-medical school, and we’re so proud of her and so excited for her.  She was nearly in tears with excitement over getting in!

I don’t know if this will ultimately lead to a career as a doctor, or if it will be the thing that causes her to decide it’s not for her.  But I am so grateful that she has this opportunity.  I know she will take full advantage of it.