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Where the Heck Have I Been Update

Well, with not much time on a normal basis to write as often as I’d like, you may have wondered why there hasn’t been much of anything going on here lately.  After a couple of great trips to Orlando – one with Jim, Eilis and Granuaile; the other with just Brighid – I came home to get back into the groove of things only to find myself in the hospital.  I had emergency surgery nearly 3 weeks ago for a bowel obstruction.  I spent a week in the hospital, and came home last Thursday.  I missed Eilis’ sixth birthday party in the process, and feel like I missed a whole lot of other stuff, but I’ll catch up with what I can.

 I had about 30 staples that went from my belly button up towards my chest, and they came out last Tuesday.  Unfortunately, they were replaced by steri-strips, which have been driving me crazy.  They can come off tomorrow – woohoo.  That will leave the new scar all bright and happy and there for all the world to see.  At least with the steri-strips covering the incision, you don’t see how ugly it is.  Starting tomorrow, I’ll have that early Frankenstein look about me.

It took a few days after coming home from the hospital to get used to eating again.  I was on just IV fluids in the hospital until the day before I left, when they allowed me to have liquids.  Part of my discharge was to make sure I could eat something solid, and I was able to eat a little toast with peanut butter.  I’ve gradually gotten back to where I was before surgery – which is a lot of soup, cheese, pretzels, and nuts. 

So, I know I haven’t posted much, and I’ll try to get a few exciting things on here.  I’m just over the bed sore that was on my butt, so sitting at the desk should be a little easier now.  I’ll make it up to ya 😉   I promise.