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Tooth Fairy, The Sequel

Eilis came home from a sleepover at Dram’s yesterday with her second loose tooth in an envelope.  On the envelope, in her printing, she wrote “Tooth Fairy 2”.  She handed it to me and asked me if I would put it where the tooth fairy would find it and leave her something.  Before I could ask, she explained to me that the number 2 was so the tooth fairy would know it was her 2nd tooth, in case the gift she left was different for a second tooth than it was for the first tooth.  I had to laugh, because I don’t know if little kids think the prizes go up with each tooth, or if they would be something different than money for each tooth or what.  She was very cute though, in making sure I knew what the 2 was for.

 For our first go round with losing teeth, the tooth fairy did sometimes bring stuff other than money.  It was usually when a tooth would fall out at 9 o’clock at night and we had no small cash on us.  The tooth fairy would print up a certificate for a book at Barnes and Noble or a lunch somewhere or a water ice or something.  I guess I’ll have to pull out some of those great prizes this time as well.  Maybe money isn’t special enough.

And the lesson learned this time around?   Kit Kat bars did not add nuts.  Eilis lost her tooth while eating a Kit Kat at Dram’s house.  She mentioned to Dram that the Kit Kat had nuts in it.  Thank goodness Dram thought to check…