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Just When You Think You’re Starting To Look Pretty Good…

you have to buy new clothes 🙁   Why is it that no matter what size you are, you always feel like you look like crap in new clothes?   Brighid irritates me to no end.  When I go shopping with her, I really look at her like the person who would look great in the proverbial potato sack.  Then she tries clothes on and her face drops, she fidgets, she gets frustrated.  It always annoys me.  But now that I am a more normal size, I headed to the mall a couple of times, deluding myself into thinking that I could just walk in to any store, pick up a dress or two off the rack, put it on, and be beautiful.  Okay, not beautiful, but at least presentable enough to be seen in public.

Not the case.

I’ve been to all of the major retail chain stores in our area.  I’ve tried on dress after dress after dress after dress.  Oh, and after dress.  Stuff hangs in all the wrong areas.  Things that should fit me don’t zipper.  Things that should fit me fall off.  Things I think are ugly fit well.  My arms are too jiggly for sleeveless.  My stomach is too saggy for anything clingy.  And while we’re at it, my feet are too big and my one eye droops a little. 

Being fat, you pretty much had to take what there was.  If it looked good or bad, it didn’t matter much because at that size, my options were limited to the ugly thing in blue or black or some God awful ugly print.  Most of the time, I didn’t even venture into the store.  I’d go to Lane Bryant on line or Roamans catalog and just order the thing that looked like it covered the most and looked least awful.  Having all of these choices in regular retail stores is more frustrating, because with SO many things to choose from, you would think SOMETHING would look good.

I ordered a dress from the Newport News catalog.  I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it as much as I expected I would.  I’ll take pictures when I do wear it, so you can all post your comments.  Be honest – brutally honest.  I can take it.