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It Comes Down to Inches

So, I see a trainer now three days a week. Actually, I see two trainers. Yesterday, when I went for my appointment with Steve, he mentioned that I had not had any testing done to see my progress from when I joined the gym back in July. Well, to be honest, I haven’t gone much since I joined, but with the help and motivation of the trainers, I am committed to going now. I didn’t expect that we would see much difference.

Well, what a difference! On the cardiovascular portion of the test, back in July, I scored Below average, with a rank of 30. Yesterday, I scored Above Average with a rank of 70 – a 133% improvement!

In July, on the hip flexion test, the trainer didn’t think I would be able to do it at all, so I didn’t. Yesterday, I scored in the average to above average range, for a 300% improvement!!

In the fat pinch test, I was again not tested because the woman felt it would not be to my advantage to know how fat I was. Yesterday, my bodyfat score was WELL within the healthy range!! I have 24% bodyfat.

BUT…here is where the big changes were detected – in the inches…

In July:

Waist – 58.5
Hip – 60
Thigh – 27.75
Calf – 17.5
Upper Arm – 18.5


Waist – 41.5 – a drop of 17 inches
Hip – 42 – a drop of 18 inches
Thigh – 18 – a drop of 9.75 inches
Calf – 15 – a drop of 2.5 inches
Upper Arm – 12 – a drop of 6.5 inches

For a total loss of 71.5 inches since August!!!

Go me 🙂