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Another Birthday Party

Granuaile will be 2 on Monday, and we are celebrating her birthday with a party tomorrow.  I tend to go way overboard with food and stuff for parties, but Jim has decided to keep a closer watch on this party than on some others we’ve had.  I ordered a couple of trays from Wegman’s, so tomorrow, he will pick up a fruit tray; a tray with cheese, chunks of ham, and veggies with dip; a tray called Wokery, which has egg rolls, spare ribs, pot stickers, garlic wings and shrimp purses; and something called Suprimo platter, which is sort of a pepperoni bread.  I wanted to make the  food sort of multi-cultural, since we are going with the Backyardigans theme for the baby.  Anyway, it never seems like there will be enough food.  So today, I made deviled eggs, picked up chips and dips, and I am marinating pork as I type.  I may not serve the pork – I may save it for Monday night for the kids – but the fact is, even with the food I have chosen and the birthday cake (oh, and 24 cupcakes that I made today), I still felt like we needed more food.

 I also went into a bit of a panic mode.  At the beginning of the week, I thought we were only going to have 6 people here besides Jim, myself and the girls.  It turns out we are having about 22 people total – if the Nor’easter doesn’t keep them away.  I hadn’t even planned goodie bags by Monday, but on Wednesday, we ran to the store and bought pre-made bags for the kids that will be here.

I hope everything goes well, and I hope people don’t feel like they are cheated out of a full meal.  I usually make sure we have a hot meal, but the party is at 2, so hopefully, the snacky type finger foods will be enough.

I’ll let you know how it goes!