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The Problem With Milwaukee…

I’m sure it’s very nice there and the people are lovely, just lovely.  But I kind of thought I’d get into a routine with Jim working there all week.  I tried.  I signed up for Fly Lady, I’m trying to get the stuff done around the house, and I’m trying to get each kid to her after school activities and me to mine.  Then I came down with a cold.  It would have been so nice tonight to turn to Jim and ask him to drive Eilis to t-ball so I could turn in early, but without him here, having him drive her is no more an option than my turning in early.

I know he’s doing great out there with this assignment.  They really seem to like him, and he’s got a great routine going.  I’m so proud of him for getting to the gym several times a week with his trainer, and for sticking with his diet.  He’s doing terrific.

I do resent that he has all this free time to himself.  I am struggling right now to fit the gym in.  With Brighid at pageant rehearsal on Wednesday nights and Eilis in t-ball on Thursday nights, and Brighid staying late on Mondays and Tuesdays, it’s hard for me to find time for myself.  I’d love to have time to go work out, go tanning, socialize, etc.  It’s also tough knowing he can hop in the shower at his convenience, eat when and what he wants, doesn’t have to worry about taking care of kids if he has a headache or A COLD.  It would be nice to climb into bed some nights, knowing I don’t have to get up an hour before the kids so I have time to get my shower so there’s time to make breakfast and pack lunches. 

So while I’m sure Milwaukee itself is just lovely, I really am not enjoying this assignment.  I guess I will eventually figure out how to fit it all in – especially with summer coming and less running to be done.  I just wish I had a husband home every night to help be a parent.