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And We’re Off…

I haven’t posted anything about this here, just to avoid jinxing anything, but Brighid and I are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to join my in-laws on a 12 night cruise in the Mediterranean.  I am both over the top excited and as nervous as anything!   This is a phenomenal trip for Brighid to take at this age – for anyone at any age, but the thought that one of my children would have these types of opportunities is overwhelming to me.  You always go into parenthood hoping and dreaming that your children have advantages you didn’t have growing up, and Brighid certainly has been given some of those advantages.  She has such generous grandparents across the board, and all of them have helped to give her a nearly enchanted childhood.

We will be visiting the places you hear about and dream about but never dare hope to really see – Athens, Venice, Monaco, Nice, among others.  I can’t imagine I will ever have enough space on my digital camera to capture it all, and I guess I’m lucky that the cathedrals and some museums don’t allow you to take photographs – otherwise, I’d be running out of space that much sooner. 

So, if you don’t see me on any of my email lists in the next couple of weeks, or if you send me a message through MySpace and I don’t answer you back, or if you email me and think I have fallen off of the face of the earth, fear not.  I’m just on the other side of the pond, appreciating the history, the beauty, and ever so grateful for this opportunity.