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What a Job! Planning Brighid’s Birthday Party

It feels like we’ve been planning this for a long time, and now that we are getting so much closer and stuff kicks into high gear, I hope it all comes together!

We spent some time this weekend working on the centerpieces, visiting the guy at the shop that is getting us the materials for the centerpieces, and trying to figure out what’s doable and what’s affordable.  I have to pick a menu for the dinner party part of the festivities, and I emailed my cousin Rick today to confirm he’s still able to perform.  We found out this weekend that the night of the party is also the opening night of the Eustace football season, so she already has a few of her guests lost to the football game – especially her friend Chris, who plays varsity ball.  She was disappointed about that, since Chris was going to be one of her guests at the dinner.

 Jim made a few phone calls to line up the rest of our vendors, and we wrote ALL of the invitations!   Holy cow, that was a lot of writing.  Thank goodness for all of the help I got.  Oh, wait, I wrote them all myself!!  

I can’t believe it’s really only about 8 weeks away.  I hope it turns out beautiful, and I hope no one is offended that we’re put black tie optional on the invitations.  A caterer told us there is much less likely to be trouble if the kids are all dressed well, so we went for it.  Keep your fingers crossed that the last of the details works out and everyone has a good time.