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11 Months and a New Milestone

As I quickly approach the end of the first year since gastric bypass surgery, I review in my head a list of things I hoped to accomplish this year.  I wanted to pick my kids up without huffing and puffing.  I wanted to put on a bathing suit and not feel like Shamu’s fatter sister.  I hoped I would get at least 75% to my initial goal weight – which was 165 pounds.  I wanted to not sweat all the time and I wanted to feel good all the time.  I hoped to gain confidence, abolish slavery and save the planet from global warming.

I never expected to be where I am today.  Yes, sitting on my ass in front of a computer – totally expected – but not weighing 140 POUNDS less than I did on August 1st of last year. 

I had an appointment today with Dr. Heck, who went over my blood work and declared me oh so healthy.  All of the levels of everything important are great, and there are no decreases since my last bloods, so that’s good.  And I got weighed.  And I weigh 155 pounds.  That’s 10 pounds less than the day I got married, and 20 pounds more than what I think my ideal weight is, but it’s 10 pounds less than my initial goal, so how much more thrilled could I be?

And I didn’t get everything I had hoped with the new body – although I’m still aiming for some of it.  But the things I got are great things.  I’m so glad to be able to do more, see more, sweat less, and enjoy life.  I don’t feel as much a hermit as I once did, and I think I have taken steps to regain some of the confidence I lost as a fat chick.  It’s a slower mental process than a physical one, but I’m learning with each new day.