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Happy Birthday to Me – Almost

Well, my 40something birthday is coming up in another 12 days, and my daughter’s Sweet 16 party is coming up in just 3 days.  Conveniently, my power cord for my digital disaster of a camera has gone missing, and apparently, they no longer stock them in stores.  It would cost $70 to buy one from Sony directly, so Jim thought it would be better to just replace the camera.

After a little searching around, we settled on the Nikon D40X Digital SLR – and oh boy am I impressed and confused!   I am not the best photographer in the world, so I’ll be taking a few classes, but we took a couple of pictures with it over the weekend, and they turned out so good!   I don’t have a good zoom lens yet, but even without, you can see right up Granuaile’s nose in one picture of her sleeping after Lake Pine Day.  But the thing that I’m most impressed about is the color!   We had an impromptu picnic last night, and I had set out bowls for the kids to eat fruit in.  A picture of them showed up such vivid colors!  

I’m hoping I catch up now on pics of Granuaile, the third and least photographed child of the bunch.  At some point, I should do scrap books for her and Eilis like I did for Brighid.  In my free time.

But anyway, thank you Jim, for this amazing gift.  I hope to capture many happy moments of our life together 🙂