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What a Great Birthday I Had This Year :-)

I turned 43 GULP on Sunday, and after the stress of making sure Brighid’s party was perfect, I was glad to have a low key day planned.  Jim had given us a subscription to the theatre for Christmas, and as luck would have it, we had tickets to see Man of La Mancha on Saturday night.  My mom offered to do a sleep over with Eilis and Granuaile, so Jim and Brighid and I went to the show.  I had a lot of running to do on Saturday, but managed a shower and putting on decent clothes to go out.  After the show, we came back to the diner to grab something to eat.  Jim’s waitress was there – the same girl that waits on us every Thursday night.  Brighid got to see first hand how she pampers Jim – bringing him his big glass of water right away, already knowing what he is ordering, having his rice pudding packed to go. 

I woke up the usual time on Sunday, and Brighid and I went to Target to pick up some fall things for Eilis and Granuaile.  Brighid got a few pieces, too, and the one piece was a grey sweater that is adorable.  It will be so cute over a black turtelneck and jeans or even black slacks.  It’s just cute.  We then went and picked up Eilis and Granuaile and headed to Sakura for lunch.  The kids like it there, and they have a great soup.

We dropped the girls off at home and went to the supermarket, where we got stuff to grill.  My mother-in-law had left us with corn and watermelon, so we planned to roast the corn on the grill and picked up steak to go with it.  The corn was SUPER sweet and even though I can’t eat it, I took a big bite and chewed it until it had no flavor left – it was so good.  We set up a picnic outside and the kids had a great time running around and playing in the yard, swinging and sliding until it was getting time to get ready for bed.

The weather was so great – very fall like weather – and I got to use the camera I got as my birthday gift to take some nice pictures of the kids.  It was just a nice, relaxing birthday.  I wouldn’t mind 40 or 50 more just like it.