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Happy 29th Birthday, Again

Today is the 12th year in a row we have celebrated Jim’s 29th birthday.  I keep waiting for him to catch up to me in age, but at this point in time, I’m just hoping to die soon enough that people don’t think I’ve married someone’s great grandson when I tell them how old I am and how old my husband is.  Today also illustrates one of the worst parts of Jim’s current assignment.  He’s not home for his birthday.  Not that if he was on a more local assignment being home was a guaranteed thing, but it would have been nice for the kids to be able to wake up and see him and wish him happy birthday.  At least they were all together when we called him this morning.  Of course, it was 6 AM his time, so I don’t know how much he appreciated the birthday wishes, but they wanted him to know they were thinking of him.

We’re looking forward to him coming home tonight, even though the kids will be in bed when he actually walks in the door.  They’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to sing happy birthday, but I think that’s okay.  Birthdays are a big deal to the little ones, and they wouldn’t miss a chance to do something special, even if it is a day late.

But if you’re reading, Happy Birthday, James.  I love you as much this year as I did the last time you turned 29.  Maybe a little bit more 🙂