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What’s Going on Around Here?

Just a quick update on the normal humdrum stuff that’s going on. 

We had an open house yesterday.  Unfortunately, it competed with the Phillies game, but 3 people showed up.  One was a woman with three kids who said it was too small.  The other two couples were from India.  The one guy came first with another male friend, and then left and came back with his wife.  They seemed the most interested, but no offer 🙁   The other couple didn’t say very much.  The real estate agent, who was not our regular agent, said in a normal housing market, our house would have already sold by now.  But he said not to lose hope.  He claims there is still interest in affordable housing, and our house shows beautifully.  We’ll see.  We’re not getting any traffic normally – we had the same number of people yesterday afternoon that we have had in 6 weeks.  Maybe it’s time to lower the price?  

Tomorrow is grandparents’ day at Eilis’s school.  My mom and Bob are going.  They have to be there at 9:15, and they meet Eilis in her classroom, then head over to Church for 10 AM Mass.  Eilis can leave for the day at 11:45 with her grandparents to go to lunch, or she can stay until the end of the day, which tomorrow is at 12:15 anyway.  She’s leaving with my mom, so that’s one trip I don’t have to take to pick someone up 🙂

I’m excited for our upcoming trip with just Eilis to Orlando.  I think she’ll be super surprised – especially that she’s getting to fly on an airplane!   I have to make arrangements for the dog, and then arrangements for the car, and then we’re good to go.

 I used my birthday money to buy some fall/winter clothes, since I have none.  I fit into a lot of mediums!!   I have to order some pants on-line, since it’s so hard to find talls in the store and the regulars are too short.  But I’m pretty well set for the cooler weather.  Just in time – it’s going up to the low 80’s most of this week 😉

Everything else is pretty quiet around here.  That’s kind of nice for a change!