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Movie Review: The Game Plan

Love this movie for what it is.  What it is is a good, wholesome, feel good, family movie.  You can go with your 6 year old, your grandmother, your new boyfriend or your old husband, and nothing in this film is going to make you crawl under your seat with embarassment.  What it is not is cinematic genius, Academy Award material, critically acclaimed movie brilliance.  But it is a good family movie. 

The Rock plays Joe Klingman, football superstar living the life of a carefree bachelor when out of the blue, the 8 year old daughter he did not know he had turns up on his bachelor pad doorstep.  The relationship that ensues will make you laugh, bring a tear to your eyes in more than one scene, and truly just warm your heart.  The Rock is given top billing in the film, but he really plays well as part of the whole team – the adorable little girl who plays Peyton, his manager played by Kyra Sedgewick, and the whole group of football players.  There is certainly sequel material here if they want to delve into the relationship that develops between Joe and the ballet teacher, but the movie ended on such a good note, you’re just all over happy about how it all works out.

Don’t go into the theater looking for brilliant acting, original story, amazing plot twists.  You’ll come home really happy that you went.