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The Real Truth About Axe Shower Gel/Body Spray

Someone in this family (Jim) who shall remain nameless (Jim) has blogged on his blog (Jim) about my affection for the scent of Axe shower gel and body spray products for men.

Not true.

There is a picture on the bottle of the Axe products that shows a man, after spraying himself with Axe, finds himself flanked on each side by two attractive (we can assume they are attractive, as we only see a silhouette) women.  What they don’t show you is the next step, where they each grab an end and toss his stinky butt back in the shower to get the horrific odor off of his body before they let him in the house.

 When I think of the smell of Axe products, several things come across my mind – the smell of an old French hooker; a Hillbilly bath; oh my God, Jim, get away from me with that reek about you!

I have been suffering from allergies recently.  I had been blaming the dog, but now I have to wonder if it’s the Axe stuff.  I’ll gladly admit to an allergy to that if it means I don’t have to smell it anymore 🙂