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Two Day Roller Coaster

So, I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from an agent in our real estate agent’s office.  Someone wants to come see our house today at 11 AM.  Plenty of time to spic and span everything, make sure the world inside our house is shiny, sparkly, and smells like love.  Then he calls an hour later and says that someone will be out that afternoon at 4 o’clock.  Well, crap.  I’ve been keeping the house clean, but that leave no time for the extra touches – like freshly baked cookies, fragrant flowers (the ones we got at Wegmans a couple of weeks ago were AMAZING), or even a quick mop of the kitchen.  I run through each room, make sure the beds are made, the clothes are all in the hampers, the trash cans are all empty, etc., and then I leave to get Eilis from school.  There is only time to get her home, change her for the birthday party she was going to, and get out the door before the prospective buyers show up.

We ran to Walgreen’s at 3:45 to fill a prescription and pick up a card and gift bag for the birthday gift Eilis is bringing.  We wait for my prescription, and drive by the house at about 4:30.  No cars.  I take Eilis to the birthday party, and we do her homework in the car in the parking lot of the farm where the party is being held.  I get home about 6.  No business card.  No one showed. 

You would think they would leave a message saying their client cancelled.  At least let me know that they acknowledge that it might be an inconvenience to get out of the house for an hour or more, especially at that time of day. 

And now I have to find the motivation today to get it done all over.  At least I had time to mop the kitchen – only to have the dog come in muddy.  That’s okay, I had time to re-do it.  And I’m not making cookies.  I’m spraying the baking spray I have that smells like the real thing, and if someone does show up, let them live with the disappointment of not having freshly baked cookies waiting for them. 

But as disappointed as I was last night, I manage to be hopefully optimistic today.  I hope they show up.  I hope they like the place.  I hope they make an offer.