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Surprise! SeaWorld :-)

Because we got in so late last night (early this morning), we didn’t get up and out too early. We were given coupons for complimentary breakfast when we checked in, so we took advantage of a nice room service menu and ordered breakfast. Eilis got a fruit plate, and we split scrambled eggs, sausage, and potato casserole. We also ordered a side of hash, which was spicy but tasty. We then checked the weather and our plan to head to the beach was discarded, since rain was predicted. We checked the newspaper and decided to go to Sea World for the Halloween Spooktacular. I’ll review that separately, but we have never done this before and it was really nice, a lot of fun, and Eilis enjoyed going to Sea World. She’s been asking to go back since summer camp.

We left Sea World about 4 and headed back to the hotel to wait and hear from my in-laws about meeting up for dinner. We debated going to the Marriott World Center for Jim’s favorite seafood buffet, and it seemed like a good idea, but I thought if we stayed here, after dinner we would have time to come back to the room and sit and talk for a while and no one would feel rushed out. We went down to Tradewinds restaurant in our hotel to check out the menu, and they seemed to have a little of everything – sandwiches, salads, seafood, a pasta dish, steak, even pork chops – so Jim said we should suggest eating there. When Russell called, they were already over this way shopping, so we agreed to meet in the lobby in about half an hour. That was enough time to change into jeans in case it was cool downstairs – which it was. Jim ordered an appetizer to share of pita bread chips with three dips, hummus, an olive tapenade, and spinach dip, and we all ordered dinner. The waitress was really nice, and after Jim and I had discussed ordering or not ordering King Crab macaroni and cheese, we opted not to order it. She brought a small sample of it anyway, and everyone got to try it. It would not be something I can eat a whole dish of because I can’t eat pasta, but it had a sharper cheese flavor in a light cheese sauce, and chunks of the King Crab in it. Nice dish.

After dinner, we found out the only way to get to our room was via the glass elevators, which make my MIL nervous, or up a large flight of stairs to an employee elevator, which she could never climb. I had already taken Eilis upstairs, so Jim and Russell came up and I went back down to sit with my MIL. We had a nice conversation, despite the best efforts of hotel employees who seemed determined to have us move out of their way.

After a late night snack of cheese and crackers, we finally turned in around 11, and no one was awake after more than a few minutes. We want to try to get an early start tomorrow at Universal.