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My Mother-in-Law is My Favorite Valentine This Year!!

I have blogged before about the delicious brown sugar glazed almonds I was introduced to at my MILs house during the holidays.  They were hard to find here, and I even contacted the company about obtaining samples for my bariatric surgery support group, and have yet to receive the promised samples.  My husband is not good with Valentine’s day.  I don’t know if he just forgets it or he isn’t romantic enough to celebrate it or what the deal is, but this year, he’ll be away at a convention on Valentine’s day, and most of the weekend before and after, so I have no hope that I’ll receive as much as a phone call from him to celebrate the occasion.  But we received a package today from my in-laws.  Inside were Valentine cards for the kids, a birthday card for Eilis, some cute Christmas trays, a few other things, and several jars of OVEN ROASTED ALMONDS in the Cinnamon Brown Sugar flavor!!!  Oh my gosh, I so LOVE these nuts!  They’re a good source of protein, and low enough in sugars that I can enjoy a nice sized handful of them without dumping.  And popped in the microwave for just a couple of seconds, they really remind me of the roasted nuts you get at Disney World or a fair.  SO good.

It was so nice of her to think of me and send them.  And they arrived at a time when I truly needed a pick me up.  With all the kids sick, Jim spending only about 5 and a half total days home in the month of February, a list of writing assignments I have to complete, and Eilis’ birthday to plan, it was so nice to have someone think of me.

Thanks, Mom and Russ.  And Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂