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Movie Review: The Bucket List

You’ve all seen the commercials, and you know the deal.  Two men meet in the hospital after learning they are terminally ill, and they set out to scratch items off of a list of things they want to do before they die.  It is funny, it is heartwarming, and I love the interaction between Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. 

One thing I didn’t count on.  And don’t ask me why I didn’t count on it, because after all, the name of the movie is “The Bucket List”.  It should come as no surprise that they both die in the end.  And I guess it didn’t surprise me, but it did hit me.  It was sad, it was touching, it was overwhelmingly emotional for me. 

I enjoyed this movie immensely for everything that it was.  There wasn’t a brilliant story or an action packed instance.  I might even be able to find a few minutes where it was dragging on a little bit too much.  But I can say that this movie takes the concept of a buddy movie to a new level.  I would buy this on DVD and watch it – although with tissues handy next time!

 And Sean Hayes is about the cutest thing on two legs in Hollywood. 

One Reply to “Movie Review: The Bucket List”

  1. Aww, one of your sappy moments? Should I mock you the way you mocked my song? Why don’t you DIGG your reviews?

    And who was in the movie? The commercials keep showing a third guy Nicholsan talks to and says something about who asked you – guy with glasses in a suit.

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