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Gotta Love Technology

So, my husband is in Seattle this week.  I saw him for just about 24 hours this past weekend, and he doesn’t come home until Sunday, giving me less than 24 hours with him this weekend.  Top that off with the fact that he is going to be at a Sea Cadets drill next weekend, and my time with him in the month of February is next to nothing.  But I logged in to his blog this evening, and there’s a picture of his handsome self taken today at the convention.

We live in such a great age.  Jim’s gone all week long, but if Eilis loses a tooth, I can snap a picture and send it to him so that he sees it just minutes after I do – probably more quickly than if he was working locally and I didn’t bother to send a picture because he’d be home at night to see it.  If Granuaile has freaky hair one morning, I can take a picture and he’s laughing at her at nearly the same time I am. 

While it’s never easy to be separated from Jim for days at a time, even with the time difference, we can still spend mornings talking to each other thanks to cell phones.  I’m driving the kids to school while he’s getting ready for work, and we can spend a few minutes on the phone together that we might have missed out on if we didn’t have cell phones.

It’s a wonderful time to be human, living in a world that gives us all these great things.

Bahama Breeze – A Gastric Bypass Restaurant Review

I want to start with a word of caution about Bahama Breeze.  They do not make nutritional information available for their menu.  You are on your own in terms of choosing things that are not too high in fat or things that don’t contain too much sugar.  They can offer minimal help.  If you ask if something contains sugar, your waiter will go ask the chef, and chances are, you will have a half answer within the hour.  Things move at a slow, relaxed Bahamas pace here most of the time.

Having said that, we’ve eaten enough times over the years for me to know what I can and cannot have here.  I stick to what I know and try not to venture too far off the well trod path. 

For starters, I had a bowl of the black bean soup.  This is a good rendition of this popular island soup.  It’s simple, and the flavor of the black beans isn’t masked by anything like sour cream, chorizo, or any of the other things people try to put in black bean soup.  It does have some rice in it, which I can eat a little of, but the portion is generous, so you have no trouble leaving behind the portion of soup that clings to the rice.  You can easily add a Breeze salad to this and make it a whole meal.  It’s a good, thick bowl of soup – and black beans are a great source of protein 🙂

One of the new appetizers I would have tried if my family had been with me is the crab claws.  I can eat crab pretty easily, and this is a new menu item.  They are in butter, so I anticipated them to be messy, and I was afraid of being tempted to eat too much and get sick, so I’ll have to try them when I go with Jim and the girls.  In addition to the crab, there are a few other appetizer items that you can make work in your diet. 

My entree was my old standby – chicken kebabs.  I love them.  They are brushed with oil and glaze over perfectly.  For dinner, you get an enormous portion – two long kebabs with chunks of chicken (you can choose steak if you prefer, or one of each), peppers, mushrooms, zucchini and onions.  I asked for them to take off the rice and replace it with sweet mashed potatoes, which are so good here, you could eat just that and die a fat, happy person.  They give you an Everest size portion of the potatoes, and there is no way anyone with altered gastric anatomy should be able to put a dent in this sized meal.  It did make for one happy kid, though, when I got home and she got to finish the chicken and veggies. 

You will find fresh fish on the Bahama Breeze menu, so if you are even in the early stages post-op, you can find something that you can eat.  Tilapia is almost a given every time I go here, and it’s a nice soft fish that you can eat in the weeks after your surgery.  Be careful with some options, however, as they do have a sweet barbecue sauce on some things.

There are not really any gastric bypass friendly desserts on the menu, but I know they have a fruit cup with the children’s meals, and if you are with a group that is ordering dessert, you could probably have the staff bring you a fruit cup. 

I found more choices than I thought I would on the menu, and my meal was well cooked and tasty.  The service – a bit slow, but it usually is here.  I have to wonder if that has anything to do with the atmosphere or just bad service.  We got there at an off peak time and had the back room to ourselves for at least the early part of our meal.  But maybe this is just a way to put a Bahama chill on us!