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Gotta Love Technology

So, my husband is in Seattle this week.  I saw him for just about 24 hours this past weekend, and he doesn’t come home until Sunday, giving me less than 24 hours with him this weekend.  Top that off with the fact that he is going to be at a Sea Cadets drill next weekend, and my time with him in the month of February is next to nothing.  But I logged in to his blog this evening, and there’s a picture of his handsome self taken today at the convention.

We live in such a great age.  Jim’s gone all week long, but if Eilis loses a tooth, I can snap a picture and send it to him so that he sees it just minutes after I do – probably more quickly than if he was working locally and I didn’t bother to send a picture because he’d be home at night to see it.  If Granuaile has freaky hair one morning, I can take a picture and he’s laughing at her at nearly the same time I am. 

While it’s never easy to be separated from Jim for days at a time, even with the time difference, we can still spend mornings talking to each other thanks to cell phones.  I’m driving the kids to school while he’s getting ready for work, and we can spend a few minutes on the phone together that we might have missed out on if we didn’t have cell phones.

It’s a wonderful time to be human, living in a world that gives us all these great things.

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