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Snuggled Warm

One thing I knew nothing about when I had my gastric bypass surgery was that I would be cold.  All the time.  If I’m in air conditioning in the summer, I’m cold; but so far, even in the fairly mild winter we’ve been having, I freeze my butt off.

When I saw the box arrive yesterday on Valentine’s Day from Victoria’s Secret, I figured Jim picked up one of those little numbers that women hate.  They are the overpriced pieces of lingerie that men always buy, that you can’t wear because one piece of you falls out one way and another leaks out another.  You could not be comfortable in these types of pajamas if you wedged yourself in with a tub of Crisco.  And my husband is infamous for purchasing them.  I have a drawer full.  I could make tent housing for half of Malawi.  I have to admit, I was a little disappointed.

But guess what I found?  Right on top was a pair of red and white polka dot flannel pajamas!  I have a pair of VS flannels that Jim and the kids bought me for Christmas, and I love them, so I was over the moon with excitement.  And bonus – there is a cami to wear underneath for added warmth!!  And then, there is a funky pair of tye dyed jammies to wear either when Jim is home and the bed is much warmer or in the summer.

I was so excited going to bed last night.  Of course, I missed my hubby being there, but this was like a big, warm hug, all the way from himself in Seattle.  I was warm and cozy, and drifted off to sleep right after the kids went to bed.

Thank you, James.  I love you!