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Imagine the Shock…

as I’m driving to the airport to pick Jim up tonight, and a truck merges onto the highway in front of me.  On the back of the truck is a big picture of Luther Vandross, along with the caption in HUGE letters, “We’re Back!!”

Who comes up with this stuff?  I pull up a little closer, assuming this is some kind of psychic road show, hoping to catch a glimps of John Edward or Sylvia Browne in the flesh.  I mean, who else is going around with a big ass truck with a dead guy’s picture on the back pronouncing “We’re Back!!”? 

No psychic phenomenon involved.  It was a truck for a local Jazz radio station.  The station was apparently off the air for some time, and they are now back at a different frequency on the dial.  That’s what the ad was for – they’re back – just at a different location.  So I got all excited about meeting a truck load of mediums – and possibly the dearly departed Luther Vandross – for nothing.