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Eilis Turned Seven

And I didn’t have time to blog anything about it!  Between everyone being sick, and me writing so many articles, and Jim being in Milwaukee – well, it was just too busy!

We had a tiny party the night of her birthday.  It happened to be a Friday night, and Jim is usually home then, but he was in Seattle at Tech Ready, so he missed it.  But my mom and Bob came, and Ann came over after work, and since it was Friday during Lent, we ordered pizza.  I had ordered a small cake from the Acme, and it turned out pretty good.  It was chocolate, and had Hannah Montana on it, and the icing was whipped cream, so not sickeningly sweet like icing sometimes is.

Then we had her big birthday party.  I invited all the kids in her class, which is only 14, plus Eilis.  Then I invited the family.  I figured half the kids usually have something to do, but in this case, they didn’t.  We ended up with 20 kids, including the family kids, and about 40 people total.  It was a High School Musical theme, and there was supposed to be fun makeovers and face painting and games, but I put Brighid in charge of that stuff so it didn’t happen 🙁  We ended up with 2 kids at a time singing Karaoke to High School Musical songs and a handful playing hot potato with Brighid.

The best part of the party was the end.  When everyone had gone home, Ann, Danny, Angela and the boys just hung out downstairs for a little while.  The kids played Wii and Eilis opened her gifts.  She had a great day, and although there were a few items to note on the “don’t do this next year” list, over all, I think we did pretty well.