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Pete du Pon

I was browsing www.PerezHilton.com the other day and came across a song by this guy, Pete du Pon.  It was a remake of the Green Day song “Basket Case”.  I loved it.  Not that I hated the Green Day version, but this Pete du Pon version was really, really good.  So I started looking to add a song to my MySpace page, and found one called “Tell Her”.  I realize that he has sort of a James Taylor quality to his voice – it’s soothing and sweet and so pleasant to listen to.  And he is, as they say, easy on the eyes.  His songs are heart songs – you know, ones that make you think of some thing that’s touched your heart – your current love, a lost love, a great date, a crappy day.

I’m hoping now he soon comes to the US so maybe I can go see him.  I think he’s wildly talented, and you should go check out his music.