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My Eyes Is Pink

Granuaile started going to daycare three days a week in January.  This was supposed to be so I could catch up on things, but I took on some writing assignments that consumed my life and I didn’t actually get anything caught up.  I digress…

So we took a nice vacation over Easter break, taking Granuaile out of school for almost two weeks so we could go to Florida.  She went to the beach, she played in the sand, she jumped in the waves, she visited Grandmom and Pop-pop, she went to Universal, she went to Disney.  And then it was time to come home to go back to school.  And she hates it.  No, I mean she REALLY hates it.  She cries every morning, claims she doesn’t have school, and in recent days, has taken to reciting a litany of medical ailments that are keeping her from being able to go to school.  Here’s some of the list, in her own words:

My Eyes is Pink (meaning “I have Pink-eye”)

My feet have bleed (“My feet are bleeding”)

I have a bad cough

My backs is hurting

My wegs are too wittle to walk in my school (“My legs are too little to walk into school”)

And it continues. 

She didn’t cry at all during school yesterday, and was smiling, happy and playing when I picked her up.  I thought we had turned a corner, but today, on my way out, she grabbed me around the legs and clung with a death grip until Miss Nicole pried her off. 

She’s running out of ailments to recite, but she’s also only got a few more weeks of school.  We’ll see what happens in September.