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And a Fine Mother’s Day Was Had By All

Ah, Mother’s Day.  The day your kids get up at the crack of dawn and destroy your kitchen to make you an inedible breakfast of burnt toast, raw eggs, and freshly squeezed orange juice, made with sweet potatoes because we don’t have any oranges, and after all, the sweet potatoes are orange, right?

No – that didn’t happen here.  I did get up at the crack of dawn, but that was to take Brighid to re-do her senior portraits, which turned out not so good.  I had asked Jim to meet me at the mall so when the sales pitch was on, I wouldn’t be tempted to purchase more portraits than we needed.  I was so proud of myself when I got the price of portraits down from $1400 to less than $400.  Jim, however, called the store later to talk them down a few more dollars by re-arranging a package or two.  But the pictures are great.  You’ll see them soon.

I came home and Jim and I went with Eilis to the supermarket.  We bought a few of the regular groceries for the week, and also purchased the Mother’s Day dinner, which consisted of a variety of veggies for roasting, corn on the cob for steaming, steak and scallops for grilling. 

And there were gifts galore!  First, my in-laws sent me a beautiful necklace in gold and diamonds that is just so sweet, very unique, and absolutely lovely!  I put it on as soon as I received the package, and have gotten quite a few compliments.  It really is a pretty necklace. 

My husband bought me chocolate!  It’s not regular chocolate, it’s ChocoPerfection – a low carb version of chocolate.  Not only did he buy me ChocoPerfection, he bought me three varieties – including the raspberry one, which I have not tried before.  It’s yum.

My husband also made a really sentimental purchase.  Each of the five of us got a gold cross.  The front of the cross has a pattern resembling princess cut diamonds – diamonds being ever so precious, and representative of our three little princesses.  And on the back of each cross, he had my birthday, his birthday, our wedding anniversary, and each of the kids’ birthdays engraved.  It’s something the girls will always have, and it’s a way for each of them, as they drift off and go to college and out into the world to find their own way, to know they are still connected to each other and to us at home.  It was a really lovely idea.

Then, the cherry on the top of the Mother’s Day Sundae, a STARBUCKS gift card!  It’s a $25 card, which keeps me in coffee for a week, but it’s totally designed by my husband to reflect me 🙂  The card even has the name of my drink on it, so if I’m ever in a terrible accident and the EMTs are looking for emergency identification information, they only need to look at my card, call STARBUCKS, and anyone there will tell them, “That’s Anna’s drink!”  I can almost get rid of my medical alert bracelet!

Jim hung out with Granuaile, and Eilis played with the granddaughter of the lady next door, and Brighid and I tackled dinner.  She roasted the veggies, which turned out awesome; and I grilled the meat and cooked the scallops. 

The only bad part of the day is that it was Sunday, so when the day was over, we had to get Jim all packed up and ready to go back to the Midwest.  As always, the worst part of the week 🙁  Thank goodness it will be Thursday before we know it!