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Marco Who?

Just a mommy blog here –

We’re driving to school this morning.  We dropped Brighid off, and for some reason, despite a lack of water and swimming facilities, Eilis decides to start a game of Marco Polo with Granuaile.  Eilis, ever the big sister, decides she’ll start, so she says, “MARCO!” real loud in the seat behind me.  Granuaile, in true 3 year old, almost fully potty trained fashion, screams back “PULL-UP!”  This goes on two or three times before Eilis realizes that Gracie has not said “POLO” at all, and she corrects her.  This time, after Eilis yelled out “MARCO!”, Granuaile corrected herself and yelled back, “PILLOW!”  It was about then that Eilis decided maybe she should be the “POLO” part….