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The Countdown Begins! 5 Days Until Europe

Okay, for a change, Brighid seems to be the first one totally ready.  Her wardrobe is across the dining room table in neat little piles, and she has recorded her outfits on the sheets of paper I pulled out so that I know we all have enough clothes through mixing and matching.  It’s getting exciting now!

I’m taking the girls to my mom’s for dinner, and so Eilis can try on her two new dresses for the formal nights.  My in-laws have left Florida this morning on the auto train, headed for Jersey, and they have a few things in tow that I’ll need to pack.  But by the end of the day tomorrow, we should all be completely ready to go.

Jim tried his tuxedo on, and while it’s a little on the big side, it’s certainly wearable.  We’re taking navy blue and lavendar accessories for him, so I’ll try to pull out stuff from my closet that will at least coordinate well. 

We shopped on Saturday and bought slacks and shirts for him, slacks and tops for me, and I think it will be much easier now to pull outfits together without having to bring along too many pieces of clothing.

It’s getting more exciting now that we can log into Princess cruises and see how close we are!