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Drink of the Day Raspberry Fizz – A Gastric Bypass Review

raspberryfizz.jpgI know, I know.  The first thing you are going to tell me is that as a gastric bypass patient, I shouldn’t be drinking ANY alcoholic beverage.  It gets absorbed too quickly into the blood stream, you get drunk faster, and it’s just not good for you, darn it. 

So before you start throwing the gastric bypass book at me, I am not a drinker.  I do not like the taste of alcohol, and to have any more than a sip of something is a lot for me – even before I was gastrically altered.  I am going to review each of the drinks we had during our cruise – because we ordered the drink of the day and the martini of the day every day – but let’s just say that in terms of affecting me as a result of my gastric bypass, I didn’t drink enough of any of the drinks to have a negative impact on a flea.

So on to the raspberry fizz.  This drink is described as a fresh, fruity cocktail, so it sounds like one that will be right up my alley.  The less you can taste the alcohol, the better it is in my opinion.  The drink of the day is always in a lovely glass, very pretty and refreshing to look at, and the fizz is our first view of things to come. 

The drink is essentially Sprite (or some other lemon-lime soda), raspberry liqueur, and vodka.  The first taste to hit your tongue is the fruity sweetness of raspberry, but then, once you get it past your tongue, the burn of the vodka kicks in and ruins the whole thing for those of us that like the fruity sweet cocktails.

I would come to look back on this one as one of the best of the group of drinks I tasted, but it is by no means my favorite.  I enjoyed the refreshing fruit flavor in this drink, but it just didn’t do anything to hide the alcohol.

There is too much sugar in this drink as a result of the soda, and the carbonation is definitely a no-no once you’ve had gastric bypass.  I could not recommend this drink even to just sip it a little bit to be social as a result of the double whammy of sugar and carbonation.