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Grand Princess Drink of the Day – Mai Tai – Gastric Bypass Review

maitai.jpgSo you won’t find any sugary or carbonated sodas in today’s drink of the day.  Of course, you still shouldn’t indulge too much, because there is sugar syrup in this, sugar in alcohol, and this one packs a bit of a punch.

The drink itself includes light rum, dark rum, orange curacao, and juice, as well as a sugar syrup.  It is sweet and tropical tasting, and while I don’t like rum, you can almost get around it to the juicy part.  I won’t kid you – rum is the overpowering ingredient here, but you can clearly taste the sweetness of the syrup and the juices.

The drink, again, is beautifully presented, but with the amount of sugar in this one – on top of the alcohol, it’s not a good option for a bypassed stomach.