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Grand Princess Martini of the Day – Midnightini Express

midnightini.jpgOkay, martinis to me are just plain old nasty.  I have not yet found one with any redeeming qualities.  I’m sorry.  I know there are whole bars dedicated to people’s love of martinis, and it’s a whole culture I’ll never understand.  But, my husband wants to try every one of the drinks and martinis of the day while we are on board the Grand Princess, and this is our first.

Um, yuck.  I don’t like it much at all.  It looks darn pretty – it really does.  And I WANT to like it.  But the gentle black raspberry flavor of the Chambord is killed with vodka.  I know.  You can’t really do a martini without vodka (unless you use gin – ewww).  I am probably not the right person to review the martini of the day, but you people who are like me and are not really drinkers want to know what the buzz is, right?  The buzz on this is that it’s pretty, and pretty alcoholic tasting.  If you are hoping for this to be fruity and fabulous from the Chambord, it is not.