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Grand Princess Martini of the Day – Sour Apple Martini

sourapplemartini.jpgI’m just beginning to think there really is not one redeeming quality to a martini anywhere.  I just can’t handle them! 

A sour apple martini – a pretty standard martini nowadays – is made with vodka and sour apple Schnapps (hmmm, do they do a fuzzy navel martini?).  It’s sour.  And throat burning.  And very alcoholy tasting.  Ewww. 

Please keep in mind that these drink reviews are from a non-drinker.  And it’s important for non-drinkers to know that if you are ever out socially and you want something to sip on while everyone else enjoys a cocktail, there are some that just are not meant for palates that do not appreciate the merits of a good strong drink.  I wanted this drink to be somewhat fruity – maybe a little like a Jolly Rancher candy.  It’s not.  It’s yuck.