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Walt Disney World Mom’s Panel

Last year, Disney came up with a phenomenal concept.  They would recruit a Disney knowledgeable collection of people that would be available to answer vacation planning questions from other folks.  Okay, that may be overly simplified, but that’s basically what it is.  They called it Mickey’s Mom Panel, and to apply for a spot,  you had to submit an essay or answer a question or something.  I did, and after a few weeks, got a thanks but no thanks reply.  My essays were sarcastically funny – evidently not something Disney was looking for, but I had hoped at the time that my essays stood out.

This year, when the application process opened up again, I applied again.  I answered the questions seriously this time, because I really think I’d be good on this Mom’s Panel.  My family and I have – as you ALL know – traveled to Disney dozens upon dozens of times.  We have stayed in many of the Disney properties; we have stayed in the properties on Hotal Plaza Blvd.; we have stayed at Good Neighbor hotels.  We own not one, but two Disney Vacation Club Contracts, and we have sailed on the Disney Cruise Line.  I would be perfect for this panel!

About two weeks ago, I got a notification that I was selected to enter round 2.  It came when I was bogged down by a pretty intense writing assignment, so I don’t know if my answers to the round 2 questions were as well thought out as my first round answers.  They are supposed to let people know this week if they are selected as finalists, because the telephone interviews begin next week.

I know people who have gotten their thanks but no thanks emails.  I have not gotten mine.  Of course, that makes me very nervous – not that I may have made it to the next round, but that I may not have and my email got lost in cyber space and I’ll never know for sure if I should have made it.

But my fingers and toes are crossed.  It would mean a free trip to Disney World, and I am so ready to go!  I don’t think I even need to pack – my suitcase just knows what to do to get me there.

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll keep you posted!