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Disney Moms Panel Excitement Day 2



So, while there has been nothing official from Walt Disney World today, it has been exciting nonetheless!  I’ve had the opportunity to “meet” a good number of the other people on the panel, both through an email distribution list that has been started, and through a Facebook group.  They all seem like warm, wonderful people so far, and I’m excited to meet them in person and get to know them all!

I’ve also spent some time today reading some of the information about last year’s mom’s panel panelists, and I hope we can live up to the awesome job they’ve done in the panel’s inaugural year!  They’ve answered thousands of questions about vacationing at Disney World, and while it seems like a daunting responsibility, I know we’ll be well trained and ready to go when it’s time for them to pass the Magic Wand!

Binnie, the list mom for The Mouse For Less www.themouseforless.com was so sweet, and posted a congratulations message to me on the front page of the group’s website.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  I knew a lot about Disney World and vacationing in Orlando already, but I have learned SO much from Binnie and the other wonderful members of The Mouse for Less list.  It’s a wonderful group of people, and if there’s anything I will bring with me to the Mom’s panel, it will be the wealth of knowledge I have acquired reading years of posts with The Mouse for Less. 

Binnie has also asked me to write a little something for the Magically Speaking newsletter!  Me, write?  Oh, go on!  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to reach so many people to share this experience with!

I’ve gotten so many congratulations emails, Facebook and MySpace messages – I can’t believe it!  I’m overwhelmed at how exciting it is to get so many wonderful notes and messages.  As much as I love everyone for sending them, I have to say, this is the best one…


Whew!  I’ve spent way too much time on the computer today, but I just am so thrilled to participate in this!  I look forward to sharing the journey with you!