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2009 Walt Disney World Moms Panel – The Fun Continues!

Thank you first to my wonderful hubby for helping me figure out how to put my name on the back of the t-shirt on the mom in the photo 🙂 

The latest in the news as I continue forward in this exciting journey is that I got airline information!  I’ll be flying out on US Airways on Dec. 5th, coming home on the 8th.  We’re staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs resort – and I am thrilled!  We’ve stayed at many of the Disney properties, but have only visited the Coronado Springs.

I am actively participating on the 2009 Walt Disney World Moms Panel Facebook, and it’s been so much fun to meet the other “moms” (or the Mom-light version – Doug – LOL).  We seem like a diverse group from all over the country – and even a couple of international moms!

I have done my confidentiality paper work, and everyone on the panel is planning a little surprise for the executives in charge of the Moms panel training program that I think they’ll love.  It seems at times like there is a whirlwind of activity going on, and at the same time, I’m so anxious for the training to get here that it seems to be dragging!

This is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me, and I hope I am doing a good enough job at keeping up with the memories I want to save!