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But the Greatest of These is Love – Proposition 8

I try so hard to avoid controversial things when I blog.  I set out to be a mommy blogger – talking about my kids, what we do as a family, where we eat when we go out, etc.  Every once in a while, I post something that might be a little controversial, but I try even harder to avoid the big topics. 

Then I realized that I might be doing a terrible disservice – to myself, and to the people who might listen to my opinion.  I’m not on an egotistical trip, thinking that people are waiting with baited breath, hanging on my every word.  But if my opinion is out there, heard, read, and considered, maybe it can join the other opinions trying to make the world a better place.

I do not live in California, so Proposition 8 maybe didn’t have as big an impact on me until it was passed.  Propostion 8 basically amends the California state constitution and states that “marriage” as we all know it is restricted ONLY to heterosexual couples – a man and a woman.  Unions between couples that are not heterosexual cannot be considered marriages.

To quote a line from one of my favorite movies, “And everybody’s okay with this?”  We’re talking about banning love, people!  I’m not saying people can’t meet, date, and fall in love if they are gay, but what this says is they have no legal recognition for that love.  There is no justice of the peace, no ’til death us do part, no piece of paper that no matter what anyone says DOES mean something.  That piece of paper means that you have fallen in love, trust that person with your entire life, and want the same right as everyone else to have that love validated and recognized. 

Who are these people who want to steal that passage of love; that God given right?  Who are you to say that because you are a man or a woman who happened to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex, you are automatically exclusively entitled to the benefit that goes along with that love? 

And even more surprising is the number of African Americans who voted FOR Proposition 8.  What the hell is that?  You, who have spoken out so passionately about equal rights, civil rights, discrimination, were right there at the front of the line DENYING for others the things YOU fought for and won.  Slaves were not legally allowed to be married – do these people KNOW that?  Why would you want the same hateful discrimination perpetuated on another group in our society?

Allowing gay people to marry does not diminish my marriage, the meaning of my marriage, or the sanctity of my marriage.  How could it?  How does allowing love to spread adversely affect the love and union my husband and I share?  It seems to me it could only enhance the atmosphere of love throughout our country.

It’s a sad day when hate wins over love. It’s sad for all of us – straight, gay, lesbian, black, white – for everyone.  Take a step back, people, and think about what Jesus really WOULD do in this situation.  Would He cast stones?  Would He preach hate?  Would He use scare tactics about what gay marriage would do to the sanctity of marriage itself?  No.  He would teach love.  He would tell us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  He would tell us to love one another.  And that’s all.  Yes on Proposition 8 gives people permission to continue to narrow mindedly hate others.  And I’m sorry 52% of California felt obliged to perpetuate the hate.

I wish they did Gay days at Disney World later in June.  I would so be there, teaching my children that a family means more than a mom and dad.  It means love, unconditionally.  For everyone.